1978 M Series TVR TAIMAR

This 1978 M Series TVR TAIMAR SN 4383FM is powered by a 3.0 Liter Essex V6 engine backed by a 4 speed manual transmission. Current Odometer reading is 49,120. The fastlane40 Collection has owned the car since 2010. A body on restoration was 90% completed by the previous owner including the interior, paint and all cosmetics. During our 8 years she has been completed and registered for road use to show the car on the (ABFM) All British Field Meet Circuit along the West coast where she has been a regular show winner. This TVR was also shown at the TVR Woodwork Convention where Mr. Martin Lilley himself (owner of TVR) Signed her clove box! She is 311 of 395 TAIMAR’S built WW.  All systems, switches, indicators and functions work without exception.


Since adding 1978 TVR TAIMAR S/N 4383FM to the Fastlane40 Collection in March of 2010 the following major INHOUSE work has been completed; (46,745 miles)

  1. Replaced wheels and tires with 1973 2500M Vixen wheels freshly painted and Dunlop P195/65R15 Tires
  2. Replaced matts with custom cut and “TVR” monogramed front Matts
  3. R+R steering wheel with new grips horn and cover
  4. Replaced both door sills with custom cut stainless steel sills monogramed  with “TVR”
  5. Installed RED TVR stainless buckle and monogramed seat belts (in addition to shoulder belts still present)
  6. Custom built and installed 4 stainless steel bumpers in place of black plastic OEMs delivered on car
  7. Tinted all windows 30% for sun protection

In addition the following OUTSIDE vendor work supported by paid invoices from Bentley of Bellevue, Washington was completed beginning in November 2015 when car was registered and begun regular showings and driving; (48,151miles)

  1. Complete brake job including lines, shoes, wheel cylinders, hoses, fluid level sensors and fluid flush
  2. R+R headlights, side lamps, Bulbs, replace main light switches and some wires and terminals as needed for complete operation
  3. Replace all hoses, belts and fluids
  4. Replace valve cover gaskets and fuel line hoses and fittings.
  5. Replace stock air cleaner with period correct stainless form air cleaner
  6. Replace Clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearings
  7. Resurface flywheel and dowel pins
  8. Complete tune including replacing all plugs, plug wires and distributor wires, distributor rotor and cap.
  9. Reseal Intake and Oil Pan gaskets including fresh oil and filter

Replace water pump and R+R radiator

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